Highlighting Accessible Twitter Content

Eric Meyer shares a compelling idea: through custom CSS, deemphasize images on Twitter that don’t have alt text. This rewards those who take the time to add alt text, as their content remains visible.

I like this approach, a quiet incentive to make the web accessible to all. So describe your images on Twitter, make them accessible for everyone!

I also like Ethan Marcotte’s accessibility statement, which opens with:

I’d like this website to be usable by the widest possible audience, regardless of device, browser, network speed, or ability. As such, this website strives to meet the level AA standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

This page attempts to describe the current state of this website’s accessibility features. If you have any trouble accessing any part of this website, please feel free to email me. I take accessibility-related issues very seriously, and I’ll try to correct the issue as soon as I can. I will also keep this document up-to-date as the website changes.

1:35 pm on January 3, 2021